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Space themed YA books perfect for getting into the summer reading mood!

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Exoplanets : worlds beyond our solar system - Kenney, Karen Latchana.

Summary: Learn about the planets that exist outside of our solar system, and the actions scientists are taking to learn more about them. --

Defy the fates - Gray, Claudia,

Summary: "Abel, the most advanced robot in the galaxy, must save teenaged soldier Noemi by resurrecting her into a human-mech hybrid, a decision which will have consequences throughout the galaxy and may...

Queen's shadow - Johnston, E. K,

Summary: Asked by her successor to become Naboo's representative in the Galactic Senate, Padmé, the former Queen Amidala, enlists the help of her loyal handmaidens to navigate the treacherous waters of...

The science of science fiction - Wood, Matthew Brenden,

Summary: Uncovers the real science behind classic and modern science fiction stories, exploring such topics as time travel, cloning, artificial intelligence, and life on other planets.

A beautiful friendship : [a Star Kingdom novel] - Weber, David, 1952-

Summary: Twelve-year-old Stephanie Harrington, a genetically-enhanced girl on the pioneer planet of Sphinx, bonds with a treecat, a telepathic and fully sentient animal, putting her in danger from highly...

Ahsoka - Johnston, E. K,

Summary: Struggling to find her place after the devastating events of Order 66, Jedi apprentice Ahsoka's resolve to fight the Empire leads her to Bail Organa and the Rebel Alliance.

Astronomy - Kruesi, Liz,

Summary: Thrilling new discoveries in science and technology are announced almost daily. Cutting-Edge Science and Technology keeps readers at the forefront of new research. Astronomy covers the hottest...

Rebel rising - Revis, Beth,

Summary: Follows the adventures of Jyn Erso as she trains under Saw Gerrera and learns how to become a proper rebel, preparations that come in handy when she is asked by the Rebellion to find out about the...

Most wanted - Carson, Rae,

Summary: When a mission for Lady Proxima goes horrible wrong, Han and Qi'ra team with a Rodian scrumrat named Tsulo to escape Lady Proxima's wrath as well as the dangerous Empire.

Rocket science for the rest of us : cutting-edge concepts made simple - Gilliland, Ben,

Summary: Want to understand black holes, antimatter, physics, and space exploration? Looking for a common sense guide to quantum physics that you can actually understand? Rocket Science for the Rest of Us...

Contents: Mysterious universe. How big is the universe? -- The star that redrew the cosmos -- Expanding universe -- Welcome to the multiverse -- We are all doomed! -- Catch up with the stellar speed demons...

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