Young Adult books with a rainbow of possibilities.

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Out! : how to be your authentic self - McKenna, Miles,

Summary: "Activist Miles McKenna came out on his YouTube channel in 2017, documenting his transition to help other teens navigate their identities and take charge of their own coming out stories. From that...

Contents: Letting go of labels -- Miles from home: what my life was like before I came out -- Miles out of the closet: how I came out and how you can too -- Miles to go: my transition and how to live out and...

Forget this ever happened - Clarke, Cassandra Rose, 1983-

Summary: "Set in 1993, teenage Claire navigates the eerie town of Indianola, Texas, where a fissure in time and space has made nothing is as it seems"--

Sasha Masha - Borinsky, Agnes,

Summary: High school junior Alex has just begun dating when he begins to realize his true identity as a young woman named Sasha Masha. Alex just wants to be a Real Boy, to feel like he belongs in his home,...

God loves hair - Shraya, Vivek, 1981-

Summary: "A tenth-anniversary edition of Vivek Shraya's first book: a YA story collection that celebrates racial, gender, and religious diversity. In 2010, Vivek Shraya self-published God Loves Hair, her...

Flamer - Curato, Mike,

Summary: In the summer between middle school and high school, Aiden Navarro navigates friendships, deals with bullies, and finds himself drawn to Elias, a boy he can't stop thinking about.

The bridge - Konigsberg, Bill,

Summary: Aaron and Tillie do not know each other, but they both feel suicidal and arrive at the George Washington Bridge at the same time, intending to jump. Includes resources about suicide prevention and...

The extraordinaries - Klune, TJ,

Summary: A successful fan-fiction writer has a chance encounter with a superhero crush who challenges him to remake himself in ways that compromise his bond with a best friend, who is becoming something more.

Darius the Great deserves better - Khorram, Adib,

Summary: "Darius Kellner has everything he thought he wanted--a new boyfriend, a new internship, and a spot on the soccer team--but growing up makes him question everything."--

The year Shakespeare ruined my life - Jansen, Dani, 1980-

Summary: "Alison, desperate to be high school valedictorian, agrees to produce her school play and must navigate the drama that ensues, including her crush on Charlotte, the star of the play."--

Night shine - Gratton, Tessa,

Summary: "An orphan girl undertakes a dangerous journey to rescue her friend the prince from a powerful sorceress." -- An orphan girl called Nothing slips within the shadows of the vast palace of the...

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