Starting School Picture Books

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Your first day of circus school - Lazar, Tara,

Summary: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages! It's the most amazing day on earth: the first day of school! It can be a daunting prospect, but don't worry - your big brother can show you the...

Rosie goes to preschool - Katz, Karen,

Summary: Rosie, a helpful preschooler, offers advice to children facing their first day of preschool.

So big! - Wohnoutka, Mike,

Summary: Just when a little bear starts to feel overwhelmed on his first day of school, he meets a new friend, and together they find the courage to overcome their fear.

Back to school : a global journey - Ajmera, Maya,

Summary: Nonfiction picture book shows some of the things children do at school around the world.

Pirates don't go to kindergarten! - Robinson, Lisa,

Summary: Emma the pirate does not want to start kindergarten, so she returns to her preschool classroom to stir up a mutiny against kindergarten.

The King of Kindergarten - Barnes, Derrick D,

Summary: Instilled with confidence by his parents, a young boy has a great first day of kindergarten.

The school book - Parr, Todd,

Summary: "Todd Parr introduces readers to all the things they can do at school"--

Back to school with the Berenstain Bears - Berenstain, Stan, 1923-2005,

Summary: Sister Bear goes to kindergarten for the first time and Brother Bear brings home a bad report card.

Contents: The Berenstain Bears go to school -- The Berenstain Bears' report card trouble.

Bunny's Book Club goes to school - Silvestro, Annie,

Summary: Bunny's human friend, Josie, is nervous about starting a new school so he and his Book Club friends pay her a surprise visit--once they get past the distractions.

Even monsters go to school - Wheeler, Lisa, 1963-

Summary: Illustrations and rhyming text describe some of the things that monsters do to get ready for school as well as the activities they enjoy during the day.

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