Turntable Kit : Vinyl Styl GROOVE

Turntable Kit : Vinyl Styl GROOVE

The Vinyl Styl™ Groove USB recording portable 3-Speed turntable is the perfect way to listen to or archive your favorite vinyl records. It comes equipped with two full range stereo speakers, stylus with protective cover, 3.5mm headphone output jac... Read more

CONTENTS of CASE -- 1 turntable -- 1 record slip mat -- 1 user manual.

CONTENTS of ACCESSORY BAG -- Power Cable -- 6' RCA to 3.5mm or 1/4" Stereo Mini Pin -- 5' RCA to RCA / (male - male) Red/White - Record Brush.

1 turntable : black and red, vinyl, metal ; case contents, 1 record slip mat, and 1 user manual. + accessory bag contents, power cable, 6' RCA to 3.5mm or 1/4" stereo mini pin, 5' RCA to RCA / (male - male) red/white, and record brush.
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